Dance competitions is where I really started my photography journey, and it holds such a special place in my heart. Photographing these children as they grow throughout the years is so special to me, and it means the world that parents trust me to photograph their children's precious memories.

There is SO much more to stage photography in my opinion than just pressing the shutter at the right time. I strive to not only capture moments in the millisecond that they are at the height of their movement, but to produce images that are high quality and tack sharp in their focus. After photographing a solo I send unedited previews for the families to choose which images they would like to be edited. I then edit every single image individually ensuring that the composition, clarity, focus, angle etc etc of each image is as perfect as I can possibly make it before sending it back to the client.

I do this because it is important for me to provide images that not only can be shared on social media, but can be printed in large scale and still retain their quality. I believe that dance is so expensive as it is, so if you are spending money on me as a photographer then I should be providing you with the highest possible quality images... cutting corners isn't in my nature and I believe this comes across in my work (and is also why I spend all my free time editing hehe!)